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September 5, 2010

There I am, in my laptop state of mind with the remote as a close second and the TV on, surfing and watching the big and the little screen all at once. Then somebody bursts out in hymn in the middle of that half-ass film I’m sort of watching…
I switch from nearly there to emotionally involved in a split second, my focus sharpens and the plot becomes crystal clear. Just like that.
I cannot remember what I was reading. Because music is ringing in my ears (quite literally); because somebody out there is singing their heart out..

As I’m shopping for yet another pair of stilettos because it’s such a deliciously bad habit I’m stopped dead in my tracks.
They’re playing that one song on the radio. That one out of a zillion songs. From the time when I danced around in my aunts living-room as a 3-year old; or that slow dance with my first crush. A douche bag, in hindsight. Of course.
Standing in the middle of this shoe Walhalla, seemingly staring into the great oblivion all I can think about is when he first touched me…and when he first broke my heart. 
At the supermarket I suddenly stop the cart at the frozen foods section because I just have to sing along to that girl-power song. Us girls simply need that kind of affirmation, it’s very necessary. Even more so when running errands…

Doing those ordinary dishes or that humdrum (TY Lina Lamont) housework shifts into another gear when combined with the best catchy tunes you can think off. Little miss Nathalie turns into The Bionic Woman and goes through all the chores at warp speed.

Can you ever imagine yourself going without MUSIC ? Hush, don’t even say it…

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