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December 21, 2011

Why is it i’m never more alive than in a concert hall ? It’s not just about the music; it never is.
It starts with all of that anticipation for the day you will see that band; live and up close and so very real in front of you. You will get to hear those songs that make you laugh and cry and do silly things. You’re together in a room with complete strangers but you know they feel the same and they laugh and cry just as hard to those very same songs.
You’re one big family because you just know you’re going to enjoy these beautiful sensations together.

We all have songs that bring back memories and remind us of life altering occurrences throughout our lifelines. To get to see the artists that created these beautiful tunes and hear them sung to you is totally addictive. You sing the same words along with 200 or 20.000 people to the same goosebumps song.

I would have to get out all the superlatives in the dictionary to try to explain how all of that feels. You want it again and again. Because it brings you euphoria like you’ve never experienced before. Even the after-concert thrill is a magnificent one.

I don’t know why but i never feel more beautiful, in love, radiant and alive than during a great gig.  This unbelievable awareness travels through me and almost makes me leave my own body.

This is my kind of sacred experience. All is right with the world and we’re all in perfect symmetry and harmony at that moment.

And when the afterglow fades, it’s such an incredible comedown. And you just long for the next time you’ll be on that high again. You ache for it. Because it really lets you know you’re alive.

“Touch me and i will follow in your afterglow.”

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