Six degrees of Kevin Bacon

July 26, 2013

This post will only make sense to advanced lovers of eighties dance flicks. And Kevin Bacon.

So you’re fourty-something, sitting in the sofa watching tv one night and Footloose comes on.

An unknown force urges you to turn up the volume and dance your ass off in the middle of the living room because “if you don’t give your heart wings you’ll never never never fly”. Together with Kevin Bacon.

You remember why you did buy that soundtrack after all. Let’s hear it for Kevin Bacon.

You understand Lori Singer who wants to burn this town and run towards her dreams. With Kevin Bacon.

Curly Sarah Jessica Parker’s jumping around long before there ever was any sex in the city. Without her Blahniks. But with Kevin Bacon.

You admire anyone who takes on a town run by John Lithgow while teaching Chris Penn (RIP) how to dance. Thank you Kevin Bacon.

Wondering if anyone would still sell those “Dance Your Ass Off” t-shirts. In support of Kevin Bacon.

You feel like you have to run out into the streets and yell “I’m Free”. Like Kenny Loggins. Not Kevin Bacon.

You ask yourself if he’s “been waiting for a girl like you. To come into his life”. That Kevin Bacon.

Because in the end we’re all “holding out for a hero”. Resembling Kevin Bacon

And your famous last words should be : “What’s this i see? I thought this was a party? Let’s DANCE!” Exactly like Kevin Bacon.

 Everybody cut Footloose!!!




  1. Iconic movie. NO ONE can play Ren except Kevin Bacon! The soundtracks to all of the eighties dance flicks and other assorted musicals were the soundtrack to my life at the time. Hearing any of those songs today makes my heart light and my feet dance!

    • Thank you Debbie, i very much agree 🙂

  2. and then he did ‘She’s having a baby’ …. and I was in love with him 🙂

    • I totally get that; thanks for the reply 😀

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