January 20, 2012

What wonderous times are these, when my heart is about to burst.

When i am awake like never before.

When i am aware of my friends’ great heart.

When i enjoy the rain drops on my face.

When the lyrics of a random song express exactly what i feel.

When a stranger says the right thing.

When my spirits get lifted by the silliest occurrence.

When my heart is so full i’m bawling my eyes out.

When everything is all of a sudden crystal clear.

When every question gets answered.

When there is no heartache.

When i feel like i could move mountains.

When i feel like nothing more needs to be said.

When i’m dreaming wide awake.


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  1. Acknowledging all that is good in our lives and being grateful contributes massively in our ultimate happiness. As always, Nathalie, you have beautifully captured what is truly wondrous, but is often unnoticed. Thanks for the reminders!

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