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April 17, 2011

There’s this family drama on TV I love watching. It’s set in Canada of the early 1900s. Every time I watch it, I get the naïve sentiment that all is right with the world. I love feeling like that. Sixty-minute tales with guaranteed happy endings every week.

It’s the era where etiquette still stands for something and the key-word is understated when it comes to emotions. The popular F-word is not you know what but fiddlesticks. Casual attire includes elaborate underwear and roughly 6 layers of clothing topped off with ridiculously large hats. People ride in carriages all of the time (not just for weddings) on unpaved roads that always lead to quaint cottages with porches and well-kept gardens.

“Road to Avonlea” tells of the trials and tribulations of a small island community. There’s Hetty trying to instill her rigid standards in her family members but having considerable trouble achieving just that. Soft-spoken Olivia breaks free and finds love in the arms of local scientist-weirdo Jasper. Some clichés never go out of style. Alec and his wife have children getting into all sorts of trouble not involving an ounce of violence or drugs. Proper Felicity falls for local vagabond Gus (I can so relate). Olivia discovers romance entirely without putting out on the first date or wearing too revealing tank tops. Last, but not least, Rachel, local busybody, with the most Wagnerian laugh you’ll ever hear is adamant that “You’re never safe from surprise until you’re dead.”

While all of that abundance of sweetness and innocence has little appeal to the general public these days, I take every opportunity I get to escape reality and dream about a more perfect world besides mine. The wholesomeness of it all makes a nice change from the umpth reality-soap or starlet being famous for absolutely no other reason than taking her top off. If that makes me a little miss goody two shoes well so be it…

Incidentally, it received 16 Emmy nominations and 4 actual awards so somebody else must have liked it. So I will merrily continue watching this wonderful portrayal of another era while secretly being happy I no longer have to wear granny-pants and 6 layers of skirt before going out. Fiddlesticks!



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  1. Super reeks,I Love it 🙂

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