June 14, 2010

Why do I devote an entire blog post to this one song?  It simply blew me away the first time I heard it.

Everybody (well hopefully) has one or more songs that move them in a way no person, situation  or spoken word ever can.  It does not necessarily mean it is exceptionally well written with meaningful  content or anything like that. It doesn’t have to either…

First let me explain that in real life I’m a non-outspoken, head in the clouds, miss goodie two shoes kind of girl…but this song grabs me and drags me right into one of my frequent rock star wannabe fantasies.

There’s something compulsory and instigating about the rhythm and the vibe of this song. It actually does make me want to “feed the fire” and “break my vision”, evoking fierce emotions I love to get lost and even wallow in…

Maybe the lyrics are yet another cliché of yet another person who’s down and out and needs help desperately. But truth be told  that speaks to a lot among us, yours truly included.

Furthermore if somebody came along and told me to “throw my fists up” and come on with them I’d drop everything in an instant and follow them to the ends of the earth (and don’t think I wouldn’t). ‘Cause I’d be thinking I finally found deliverance…

Incidentally I would also love getting extremely lost inside that video.  Start laughing now because I always wanted to be standing behind a mike with the elements of nature tearing away at me from all angles, surrounded by kindred spirits who are as lost in ecstasy as I am (totally non drug related)!!

So this song makes it perfectly all right for me to think the silliest thoughts and not feel one bit guilty or ashamed about it. Now putting it all out there in a blog post is another matter but I’m still going to do it.

And after that I’ll be listening to and watching this Watercolour again and again … and then some.




  1. Nicely written, I like the song too but never looked at the video until I read your blog post.. It’s certainly a nice complement which adds even more to the mood. 🙂
    (Probably not moving me as much as you but I can relate to what you’re feeling, there’s songs I like a lot – though they just seem decent lyric- and music-wise at the surface)

    Met vriendelijke groeten, (or are you a Frenchie? I only know basic Dutch since I’ve been there a few times, sorry :))
    Fredrik, Sweden

    PS. Thanks for linking to Lolo btw! I’m the guy behind it

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